Data Trust Co offers server virtualization and shared storage solutions that put your organization in an ideal position for future growth. Server virtualization prevents server sprawl, leading to poor hardware resource utilization, a possible breach in software security, and high electricity and cooling costs.  Stop technology wastage, increase your availability, and manage your cost.

Data Trust Co Virtualization Services

We work with VMware, Microsoft, and Amazon’s products in multiple editions.  These companies provide a free edition of their respective hypervisor tools for customers who do not have advanced virtualization needs.

How can we help?

We are certified experts who will virtualize your company’s servers starting with an analysis of your current IT environment.  Whether it is a new implementation or an update to your current environment, you can take advantage of our virtualization capabilities to make it happen.

Starting with a technical assessment, our Statement of Work (SoW) contains appropriate technical recommendations and action items.  You can expect an architecture update, implementation details with priorities, ongoing support and responsibilities, flexible pricing options, and ROI.  Please contact us today to speak to a technical representative.